Ahead of me

Sometimes, you just don’t want to do anything. Not even sleep.

And sometimes, life is just ahead of you. Or better: you stay behind, while life is speeding away ahead of you. I ask myself, how I can keep track of everything. I am losing it, somehow… Just not sure whether it’s good or bad.



Coping with emotions… again

What is it really? I try to cope with the fact, that I am so happy about getting a chance. Which is obviously nothing I did, e.g. not the fact that I am so nice. Funny. It is pure naivete. I guess… For example, there isn’t just one person in that huge room. But for me, it is like it. Stupid.


Finding myself in a pothole


Trying to find myself. After work of devastation is completed another time again. Trying to work on my artwork. Trying to dive inside me and my art again, leaving the thuggish world behind me. Cologne, my home, my people, my Germany. My own head is not thuggish. It’s devastated, tired and feverish. After all, I belong in my fantasy world.


Stepping into a new year

gaper005Hello 2016. Suddenly, I feel lost and lonely. Because I sit here all alone.femaleeyesMaybe, it will be the same as every year: normal days, one after another. Until the year ends and a new one begins. Just breathe. Nothing more required. I am so bored… avatar-2004