Welcome to The Horsemen of the Apocalypse

And nobody noticed, that the terrorists are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Because, it is the “Angst”, which causes all the terror and the chaos in the world.

First sign of Apocalypse.

And by the way, my dreams that I have regularly,

do point in this direction too. Just let us hope, I won’t live to see that.

Orange skies, stones falling from the sky, no electricity any longer,

and soldiers guarding


Just saying.

Terrorists can be right wing, left wing, the IS, Trump, Clinton, or even just some NSU stupidities. Just my five cents. Or just people, going on to your nerves on the subway.

Terrorists are everywhere and they kill your ear with nonsense. And they will fall the same way as everyone else.

It is the “Angst”, which is in control.



Halloween, my worst nightmare

I am dead. I am dead. I am dead. I lost you. I lost you and will always have lost you. How far should I go, you wonder, to be near you? Halloween is coming and I miss you like hell. I am so dead you wouldn’t believe it. I am dead with you. Halloween is my worst nightmare, my worst time, since I have to think of you so much at these times. When we were doing stuff on Halloween. I am dead, so bury me and take me somewhere. Death is not my friend, he is my worst enemy… He is the only fate I have and he will take me to you eventually, but I don’t love him, he is a bitch and a bad guy and he is mean like hell.  I am dead already, so what can he do to me anyway. Just bury me, please. I am dead and a zombie! There is no one on earth more dead than me… not even you. 8768e4a0caa76f860c9b9c3bf417ac2e

I am not afraid of spiders anymore. They can’t hurt as much as human beings.

I am not afraid of ghosts, vampires or zombies, or bad fairies, or any monstrous beings. I am afraid of Death, since he is beside me every minute and laughing in my ear. This disastrous  bitch! I fought him several times, and he is still laughing, knowing that he will win in the end, getting what he wants.

He separates, hurts, cuts people and relationships. He is truly evil himself.

I hate Death.

Yes, Halloween is my all time worst nightmare.