Christmas Horrorshow

Christmas 2016:

total failure

total loneliness, total despair.


… something that consoles me

  • Watching the movie “The Holiday”.

it really has so many scenes in it, that fit on me completely. Like all the dialogues and all the thinking stuff. And it’s a Jude Law movie. And it is so cosy and although they all play in another class, it really helps to see all the crying and sadness and then the … no, I won’t tell, of course. In case, you haven’t seen this film yet.  For me, it is a definite Christmas movie.

But, of course, in my case, I could watch this movie all year long, and probably for a very long time, because I will always suffer from heartache, what love is concerned. Sadly. animierte-weihnachtsbaum-bilder-115

Merry Christmas to you all.