….bad days

9c17b57620524b77e0f3a3b5c54228bb This is how I feel today. Some days are just for forgetting them.


I need new clothes, but I am too fat. I just don’t fit into anything. But on other days, I might fit into something. I just don’t have courage today. Especially for fashion, you need some courage sometimes. None of it is with me right now.  125generate-phpheul3

The US became a joke again

Oh, wait… they never were. But NOW they are. They are so small, I tend to forget about they still are there. I always wonder what might have happened to me if I had ever immigrated to the US of A. Wouldn’t have become nice. Soooo sad….

Sorry, reading twitter post from your “clowny” president makes me aggressive and wondering. Whereas he always told everybody to come up with answers. He does not have any. These are the Clown’s Days in America. Or, to the whole world, but luckily, if I don’t turn on the TV, I make my day without having to watch this clown, and his “clowny” friends together with him, only when I watch on CNN, or CNBC, or BBC,  it is too much dirt I have to eat while watching him speak or just listen to the sad news they have about him and our world today.  Well, he is such a sad guy, with a big mouth and huge words that turn into a whisper as soon as his words fly out of his small (oh, sorry, forgot, hugest) mouth on earth, and everybody wonders if they understood it right. The right people understand it in the “right” way of course. But they are clowns as well (sorry if I offend some professional clowns here… not my intention, sad…) …

Well, it would currently make no difference  to me if he is finally impeached, my world is still not good anymore and I still would have to fight for my rights (which in Germany are off into smoke anyway, since we have a Mrs Hitler here too), would also still have a broken heart from knowing to many men in my life which were apparently asseholes, schmucks and dickheads (the latest even would have voted for the biggest asshole in the White House), but yes, it would be nice if the people would go on resist to him and impeach him in the end.                           I might even come to the conclusion that it might make a difference to me more or less.

Still, the US of Assholes (sorry, really) still does not look attractive to me anymore. You will have to do a lot of work to make it (al)right again, after this biggest shit-mouth is impeached. Do what you can. If you still can. Well, I already gave too much attention to the most mini, mini, smallest country of the whole world (you even look smaller than Luxembourg or the smallest Island wherever this is in the Atlantic Ocean…), it is not of my concern anymore.  But I think I gave my condolences already last year, when I already knew how it will turn out (deportations, Nazi manners, all that sort)…. well, I can’t help being a medium, but it is no pleasure I can say that.

Good bye, America. 15d82f8213c2e98331b26e72518b5c8agenerate-phpheul3