….bad days

9c17b57620524b77e0f3a3b5c54228bb This is how I feel today. Some days are just for forgetting them.


I need new clothes, but I am too fat. I just don’t fit into anything. But on other days, I might fit into something. I just don’t have courage today. Especially for fashion, you need some courage sometimes. None of it is with me right now.  125generate-phpheul3


Weird characters and prospects into my own

Funny, how characters in movies tend to be like me, whereas I see them at first as doing wrong, or doing things that I wouldn’t do…. just thinking, after a while, I mostly find out that they are not so far away from my behavior. For example, a character that I might not like because she is so weird to me, I ask myself, how can she do this like this, and how can she have such a mindset. But then, yes, I do the same things, behaving like her while not seeing it from the outside, only from the inside. Which is naturally something completely different.

It shows, that things are not that obvious for the first minute, not even for your own self.

The second and third look is always required to gain a full prospect.




Waterboarded witches?

Are you referring to that, Mr NotMyPresident? Well, you are even more disgusting than I even pointed out in my before post. Sorry, but don’t even start with me.  As a probable before alive witch, I might know some rituals to make you feel some other form of torture.   Well, I am old, done with a good life, and not afraid of you, dictator Trump.

Just understand this.  I don’t fear you. 7bdb5331c40028e2dd869352c80b4933