end of the line…

suit yourself if that is what you need
do you really need this kind
I really tend to ignore
your words
this time.



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4 thoughts on “end of the line…”

  1. Insanity in my opinion is only a measure of how much other people don’t understand you and don’t want to. I would like to get to know you better if you want. Hugs from me and have a lovely day.xxoo

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  2. this in a way calms me down, also it reassures me… thank you …. xx 🙂 Also have a lovely day, or night (I guess we are very far away from each other ?) I guess I would want that, yes… if it does not scare you away that I am so far away ? 🙂


  3. If you have a read of my contact page you will see my gmail. You can comment on the page if you like, I was being silly when I wrote it but nobody reads it anyway.

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