here is no title

why do I confide more in pictures than in words
why do I rather paint than talk
why do I more look into the drawn than to just merely discuss
why do I want to live in pictures more than in reality
why do I rather draw the line
than go further into detail
why do I trust the artists more
than even myself or those near to me
while there is rather no one near to me
or nearby
why is there in the room a li
on these rails
while I feel like the snails
no I just rather live in fantasy picture
pictures are for the forsaken
since I have never been taken
therefore I am free
free as a bird
and prey to all of you
whoresome talkers of the realm.

call me crazy with this one
if you so need
it maybe right – since all I can is diss-a-ppoint.

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This is a private blog, about my own feelings, thoughts and doubts, etc. No data will be used or shown without people's consent. (Actually, now data at all is shown.) Pictures are mine or from sites where photographers allowed to use the pictures or otherwise bought from stock agencies. If you have any questions, ask ahead.

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