Dictatorship is overrated in a humpty dumpty world

Clickbait. You got it…. lol…

No, really.

First thing: Meryl Streep is a wonderful woman.

I always new that.

When I read about her, of her, see her movies, I am in tears.

She is so wonderful, her soul is most wonderful and that is what she shows in her movies.

Never let anyone think differently.

Thank you, Meryl Streep, I had wonderful times watching your movies and you are NOT overrated.

Second thing: I don’t understand the world anymore. Who is in favor of whom, who is against who, what is happening out of what reason, it is all so crazy…

Third thing: well… I think, I am out of things. 9

The only thing, that is probably still important: I might have to buy more popcorn. Since the world is up down, it is at least interesting and exciting again, not so boring anymore. Well, the world was somewhat exciting all the time, but now, it has skyrocketed, and we all now it will become even more “humptydumpty”.09bf7c99dc3458ab815711e44f9e83fd

“And it get’s weirder and weirder….” 286

At least, I can watch CNN and TV5 again. Yes, I bought a new TV, and it feels like wrong, but I can’t wait “knowing” more again. I just don’t believe nobody anything anymore. That is probably the better way.

Oh, yes, there is another thing: I don’t like the idea, of another country  (the USA, there you have it)  developing into another dictatorship. No, I am not scared, or afraid, as I already mentioned. I come from a country where there is a dictatorship already (no, I was not born there), so I know what it is all about. Disgusting new world.

We won’t step back from our voices, never.


And I can’t understand, why a critical voice always means generally, that someone lost or lost it or is against someone (special…). Well, that sounds like some very narcissistic behavior. What is probably okay, but not so much on an international political turf… sorry, but that is the way a very unimportant person like me sees the whole thing. Sorry, I will never keep my mouth shut, only people might have to find other ways to assure that. ?  And I am old enough, unimportant enough, I don’t have a family and nobody will ever miss me. Since, nobody likes me. And, plus that, I am all “average” anyway.

(giggling terribly)

Well, we will see how much grumpier and “humptydumpier” the world will become.

(oh my god, I did not mean “special” as in “special”. You work it out yourself.. very, very good that I am not one being in the spotlight at any time, or in society, talking to many people, because that would become very embarrassing after a while… this always happens to me. No, I do not “apologize”.)



Contemplating life… on a sunny day

Again, I woke up, thinking and trying hard to understand, what life is.

Feeling so inefficient and bored and unhappy and wrong in race and wrong as a woman, with no kids and no dreams to come true anymore. Yeah, life sucks. And lost a country on my mindmap whatsoever even more.