It is not about the money it’s about mindcontrol

Lol. People really think, it is about the money.  The money issue is just a distraction. Because people in the world consider money problematic. In real, it is about the mind control, because they want the world to change, which is easier through your thoughts, than through the outer world e.g. money and so on.

The thing is, the mind is closed after a while and really nobody can enter it from the outside, it is as vicious as it is clever. Some people don’t have the ability and possibility to get away from the mind control, because it goes on and on and on, from the beginning.

I guess, I am on the agenda too, it is obviously time to renew my mind control and I think, it is going off. But I know and I think, I can withstand.  I am sorry, but mind control is something I really do not want, I really do not find okay, and I really think is wrong.

They work with pictures, with calling the brain a house, at least that is one method they use. It came out of the blue, that I found out, but it is so obvious. I could excuse so many things, but not mind control. Does not matter if it is brought to me by someone who is wonderful. It is in the system and not in him. So that is also why I would not push away anyone who came from there, since they are mind controlled the same way as me and so many others. Only I am at the beginning and still out enough in the real world.

It is all about the first moment, the first therapy hour. And it begins.  So easy.  It is not something one can overlook so easily, once you’re deep in it.  Because then it is too late.

My mouth is not full yet. It will not be full again or ever. I am a free spirit, a free person and a free artist. And I will stay that way.  I will keep my heart and I will still love and still embrace people, whatever they are.  I will not be a robot or forget, who I am.  And if it’s necessary, I stay at home forever, if that is what it takes…  I am not to buy.

If you break into my mind, it is trespassing. And this will cost a big amount of apology. It is something I will not have. Not in a million years, anything, but not that… The only thing I desire is love, a family (not possible anymore for me, is it…), freedom and fun and quiet surroundings. That is all… I want to be loved and love again.

But leave my mind alone.

I kind of love you. But I hate you for the mind control.