I am not like that

I am not like that: I don’t like to fight. I don’t like to row. I don’t like to hate. I don’t like to not like… I don’t like to be grumpy. I don’t want to loose people.

If the world would just not be so complicated most of the time…

I feel so sorry because I behave so bad, so rebellious. generate-phpheul3

It is all so wrong. Only, my feeling of right and wrong are upside down, for me I was still a person with rights, and I thought, I could as well been asked… it is a difficult task to get used to the situation. If I understand the situation correctly. satisfaction

My reality says, I am alone. The past and some poetic writings say, I am not. But I miss the bridge in between those two worlds…  Or it’s about something completely different,  but how am I to get this? My dreams told some stories too, but it is way to nebulous and fading, also very complicated to put in order.  The only helping thing would be an honest conversation, I guess…